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İstiklal Street, İstanbul, Turkey, Europe, World

Posted by 2010alperyazgan on 12 July 2010


Independence Avenue, (Ottoman: (before 1927) Street-i Kebir, United Street, French: Grand Rue de Pera), which is one of Istanbul’s oldest district of Beyoglu, with tunnels extending between Taksim Square and 19 Since the end of the century, one of Turkey’s most famous street to protect the quality of the street. 1.650-meter-long street [1] passed by the midpoint of the Galatasaray High School of New Market Street and 50th Street stop Monument is considered the site of the year. Boulevard extending in parallel along with Tarlabaşı constitutes the main axis of the Beyoglu district. On the average height of 274 meters in the street of the nine separate administrative district covers.

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